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Holland Verlof Service offers you the choice.

And HVS does not just provide you with the choice, we work back what’s available tailoring and prioritising it to fit your particular needs and wishes. Your requirements may change and our service is flexible enough to accommodate such a scenario.
Our personal approach is more than just service. During chauffeured visits for example to  a selection of properties, the potential tenant is given lots of information about the area, the nearest high-quality restaurant, the local places of interest, the hairdresser’s around the corner, and more relevant general information about the city of Amsterdam.
Furthermore, you can be shown several properties in a single tour – including those of fellow agents.
In short, if you call in HVS, in one meeting you can be presented with the full scope of suitable accommodations from which to make your choice. Efficiency is our middle name.
Semi furnished or fully furnished? New or renovated? Modern or classical? HVS will keep the preferences of the – future – resident in mind. Even if help or modifications are needed.
HVS will look after the whole organisation for you:
  • Inventory of customised needs and wishes
  • Selection of accommodation to match
  • Viewing of selected accommodation from any desired address
  • Negotiations with landlord
  • Drawing up of the tenancy agreement
  • Drawing up of the inspection report upon checking in
  • Complete guidance during checking out

Mediation on the basis of no cure, no pay. In other words if you don’t find what you are looking for, there is no financial obligation from you for the service provided. Renting is possible from six months to several years.  
Rent from 1100 Euros per month to “the sky is the limit”.
In case of a rental agreement, owners and agents will demand a security deposit amounting to one or two months' rent.
There is also a fee of usually one months rent  This is standard and where working in conjunction with an agency’s property, the personal service provided by HVS comes as part of that charge, and is therefore not extra.

Terms and conditions for the tenant:
In case of a tenancy agreement of 6 months and longer, our commission equals one month’s rent plus 21% VAT.

In case of a tenancy agreement of less than 6 months, our commission equals 15% of the total number of months’ rent plus 21% VAT.